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Vitalab wins the inaugural Rising Star Award at In- Cosmetics Global 2019

According to the judges, Vitalab showed an “incredible range,” “great innovation” and, in the words of one judge: “Just WOW.”
Vitalab collecting the Rising Star Award award by merging science and nature, Vitalab reveals the secrets of beauty.
Vitalab offers a wide range of innovative active ingredients from natural origins which aim to well-being and skin beauty.
R&D is Vitalab’s driving force and key to its competitiveness. Owning more than 10 patents, 24 scientific publications and a platform of more than 80 in vitro screening assays, our raw materials are obtained through cuttingedge technology from plant tissue cultures, microalgae and industrial food
Proud of its scientific recognition in plant physiology and molecular biology, Vitalab leverages know-how in green biotechnology to merge innovation and nature fullness.
Vitalab developed an innovative method for the extraction, the purification and the processing of glycoprotein from plant cell wall to obtain a mixture of small peptides. Bionymph Peptide, the first active obtained with this
technology, reactivates key genes and stimulates the production of youth proteins, finally resulting in an unmatched prevention of premature ageing after only 15 days. The obtained findings were world wide patented and also published in the Journal of Biotechnology.
Since it was recognised by the Science Journal among the global top 10 scientific breakthroughs of the last years, the naturally occurring Growth Differentiation Factor-11 (GDF11) has demonstrated age reversal efficacy
in several model systems and tissues. Vitalab was a pioneer in studying GDF11 role in the skin, developing a breakthrough range of active ingredients boosting GDF11 levels in the skin and starting the rejuvenation revolution.
Vitalab was selected among the finalists for the Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient Award as well as the Beauty Industry Award Best Skin Care Ingredient with Vita Rosalience. Vita Rosalience brings to full bloom the latest discoveries on rejuvenating biological mechanisms and mitochondrial biogenesis. Obtained from a
patented somatic embryo enriched culture of Japanese white rose, Vita Rosalience combines innovative science to unmatched beauty. Vita Rosalience induces up-regulation of GDF11 levels in skin cells, resulting in
the increased expression of PGC1-alpha, the master regulator of mitochondrial biogenesis. Vita Rosalience revitalises the skin offering a firmer and more elastic skin and decreasing wrinkle depth by 15% after 28

Bronze for Green Ingredient Award

NutriVita is an innovative and ecoresponsible raw material obtained from the recovery of the by-products generated in the industrial chestnut peeling process. The active is particularly rich in gallic acid and tannins and ensures a strong anti-inflammatory activity and radical scavenging properties. For an optimal balance of cellular homeostasis, NutriVita boosts detox activity as well as inhibiting extra cellular matrix degradation.
Thanks to its skin cell-protecting biological activity, NutriVita demonstrated a significant improve of skin firmness and elasticity and represents the solution recommended for all skin care products dedicated to dull skin. Traceability, quality and sustainability in one product.


an article from cosmeticbusiness.com, 12th April 2019